Saturday, October 15, 2016

The UM Launches Today!

If science as we know it is about to undergo a massive paradigm shift, will the Universal Model be the catalyst that triggers the revolution?

The Universal Model is unlike anything you have encountered before, because it introduces new natural scientific laws.  There is no one living today who has experienced the introduction of a new natural law. The last time that happened was in 1905.  That is what makes the Universal Model the "next big thing."  An iconoclastic workone that breaks with many of our most cherished "rules," theories and accepted beliefsthis model challenges conventional wisdom with unprecedented authority. 

The Universal Model of Science is a new millennial science. Described by some as a singularity, "something that is but which cannot be."  Though some will attempt to dismiss it, they will struggle because unlike previous scientific theories, the UM is based strictly on empirical, repeatable, demonstrable and observable findings, a.k.a. data.  No theories allowed.  

One might compare today's science to an aging locomotive. 
Although it has served us well to this point, all of the natural laws governing today's science were discovered hundreds of years ago. No new natural law has been discovered in over a hundred years. So today's modern science engine has taken us as far as she is capable. She has used up all her steam, ground through all her gears, burned through all the coal and anything else the stoker could throw in there. All that grinding has taken us a long way to be sure; from the horse and plow of the 1800s to the moon and beyond and now, via the Hubble telescope, into the Orion Nebula. The purpose of the Universal Model is to serve as the replacement engine for today's outdated scientific regime.  

The Purpose of the UM: To restore truth and order in science by establishing new natural law.

Image result for old broken down locomotive
Today's Science locomotive is spent. May she rest in peace.
The UM features 50 new natural laws, 1000 new discoveries, 2000 pages and 5000 images, many of which have never been published or seen before. These new laws and discoveries are not trivial observations, but every bit as significant as any of the laws that rose out of the Newtonian era (gravity, thermodynamics, etc.) These 50 new laws are demonstrable, observable, definable and repeatable (unlike today's theories). These new laws are at the heart of the new science and will be the engine that drives the New Millennial Science into the future.

Like this powerful new high speed rail car, the UM is unstoppable.
So how can you learn more about the UM?  How can you be a part of this incredible journey that started 27 years ago? You don't have to be a scientist to understand, the material is easily comprehended by the lay person.  You just have to have an open mind, a keen intellect and a desire to know truth. 

Clicking this link will take you to an introductory video and clicking the link above the picture below will take you to the UM landing page where you can read sample pages, study the complete table of contents, read the FAQ, the many reviews and learn more about this remarkable movement yourself.

A Universal Model foundation has been set up to make all of this intellectual content available to the public over the next several years.  Today's release is essentially the first-third of the entire work, some 800 of the 2000 pages that make up the entire model.   This research represents the fruits of nearly thirty years of work: researching, experimenting, synthesizing and documenting this magnus opus. 

As a corporate sponsor and founding member of the board, Legends Library Publishing has been granted a special promotional-code (LegLib1016) that delivers all of my guests a 25% discount. 

If you click the URL link below and it will automatically apply the discount to your order.  If you somehow get to the site directly, you will need to manually enter the promo-code "LegLib1016" at checkout. This discount expires one month from today (10-15-16.)

As chief publishing consultant for the UM project I was disclosed on the content several years ago. Since that time, I have become an advocate, board member and corporate sponsor of the UM Science Project.  Over the past couple of years I have been able to give presentations to selected audiences across the countryfrom university classrooms to private venues ranging from small groups to audiences of more than a thousandwhere the response has sparked great enthusiasm and high praise for the mind-expanding information the listeners were able to take way.   

I encourage everyone to visit the UM website where you can examine the 
content and claims for yourself as well as read the free sample pages. Prepare yourself for an incredible paradigm-shifting experience that will potentially impact many aspects of your life.


Boyd J. Tuttle

Legends Library Publishing, Inc.

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